The Free Woman workshop is a combination of yoga, meditation, discussion and journaling designed to bring you into greater awareness around yourself, your life and how you are showing up. Dig deep into what freedom means to you and how to cultivate it in your everyday life, while adorning yourself with love. You are enough, and you are worthy of your desires simply because you are a free woman.

The Freedom Exploration  (Yoga Classes)

For me the exploration of freedom started in my physical body, of learning what it felt like to create space physically through the practice of yoga. Slowly over the years I have taken this exploration off of my mat and into the rest of my life, learning how to create space in my everyday through journalling and meditation and conversation that filled me up. 

Each class will incorporate a physical yoga practice, honest conversation, meditation, and journalling. Each class will be 75 minutes in length. 

Our Next session begins October 29th and runs until December 14th 

Mondays 730pm -Freedom Flow (the yoga portion will be a flow class)

Wednesday 830pm -Yin (the yoga portion will be Yin Yoga)

Thursday 6pm  -Frreedom Flow (the yoga portion will be a flow class) 

$105+ GST for 1 class a week for 7 weeks (7 classes total) 

No previous yoga experience necessary, all classes take place at Sculpt Fit in Spruce Grove. 



Freedom Gatherings

An intimate gathering exploring the various topics surrounding what freedom looks like to you in your life right now. Letting go of what we think we should be, or how we think we should be showing up and allowing ourselves to be, to be who we are in each moment. To let go of the expectations we place on ourselves, to let go of the comparison, and get comfortable in ourselves.

Every gathering will have elements of honest conversation, mediation, and journalling.  

Price includes:

  • A Personalized Gift

  • Nourishing Snacks & Tea

Next dates:

Tuesday October 2nd 630-830pm - Topic: Exploring Emotions - How they show up for us, habits around them, and how to support ourselves through them.

Tuesday November 6th 630-830pm

Tuesday December 4th 630-830pm

All Freedom Gatherings located inSpruce Grove, exact location given upon registration. 

$80 + GST  (per gathering)


Free Girls

I vividly remember the struggles of what it felt like to navigate the world as a teen girl, unsure of myself, craving connection and a sense of belonging and not sure how to find it with in myself. This 6 week session is designed for the young woman in your life, giving them space to explore who they are, build courage, and support them with tools to navigate these challenging years. Each class will be a combination of honest conversation, meditation, and journalling.

Saturday October 13th - November 17th

930am -1030am ages 9-12

11am - 12pm ages 13-17  

$110 for 6 weeks

This session is taking place at Miss Maddi's Dance Co in Stony Plain