The Free Woman workshop is a combination of yoga, meditation, discussion and journaling designed to bring you into greater awareness around yourself, your life and how you are showing up. Dig deep into what freedom means to you and how to cultivate it in your everyday life, while adorning yourself with love. You are enough, and you are worthy of your desires simply because you are a free woman.

The Freedom Exploration  (Yoga Classes)

For me the exploration of freedom started in my physical body, of learning what it felt like to create space physically through the practice of yoga. Slowly over the years I have taken this exploration off of my mat and into the rest of my life, learning how to create space in my everyday through journalling and meditation and conversation that filled me up. 

Each class will be 60 minutes in length. 

Our Next session begins September 5th and runs until October 24th 

Thursday 6pm  -Frreedom Flow (the yoga portion will be a flow class) 

$120+ GST for 1 class a week for 8 weeks (8 classes total) - Sliding scale pricing available please inquire)

No previous yoga experience necessary, all classes take place at Sculpt Fit in Spruce Grove.

Yoga Teacher Mentorship

After completing a 200 hour yoga teacher training many new teachers are left with this feeling of now what? Where do I go from here? This yoga teacher mentorship program is designed to take you from that feeling of being lost and overwhelmed to finding a clear connected path into your yoga teaching career. Katie Jolicoeur has been teaching yoga for nearly a decade and has worked in various settings from studios, corporate settings, volunteer based, even running her own yoga studio and founding a not for profit. She has had the honour of being a lululemon Ambassador as well as a lululemon Here To Be Ambassador for the work she does with her not for profit the Be Free Yoga Foundation.

This 4 month program will guide you through uncovering your why as a yoga teacher, finding your voice, learning how to support yourself through the ups and downs of being a yoga teacher, as well as practical tools on how to create resonant job opportunities.

Each month you will receive an in person coaching call, as well as weekly emails guiding you to dig deep into this work and learn more about yourself and how to show up as a pillar in your yoga community.

The Yoga Mentorship Program begins March 1st 2019 and runs until June 29th 2019

$150/month + gst for the four months

Yoga for Mental Wellbeing Teacher Training

This Yoga Teacher Training is for Yoga Teachers who are interested in learning more about how to make their classes more accessible by supporting the mental wellbeing of their students. As well, it is also ideal for mental health professionals interested in bringing yoga, meditation and breathing tools into their practice. At any given moment when we are teaching we are never fully aware of who is in our class and what they may be experiencing. By learning to teach through a mental health informed lens you can begin to better support the mental wellbeing of your students.

Katie Jolicoeur has been teaching yoga for nearly a decade and has much experience with our communities most vulnerable and resilient populations. After moving through various ups and downs with her own mental health and learning more about how yoga can be a supportive tool in creating harmony in the body and mind, Katie started the Be Free Yoga Foundation. A not for profit providing access to the tools of yoga to those who wouldn’t otherwise get the opportunity, working with those who maybe moving through, or living with, mental illness. Katie Jolicoeur is a lululemon Ambassador and a lululemon Here To Be Ambassador for the work she does to make these tools accessible through the Be Free Yoga Foundation.

Within this weekend training you will learn how yoga, meditation, and breath work effect the nervous system supporting a sense of harmony within the body and mind. You will understand how things like languaging, sequencing, and how creating interoceptive experiences can create a more accessible atmosphere within your classes.

Dates TBD

10% of the proceeds will be donated to the Be Free Yoga Foundation.

WILD & FREE Women’s Retreat

Join us and Cutting Edge Coaching for our 2nd annual Women’s Retreat. Spend the weekend immersed in the wilderness at Panther River Lodge located in the rocky mountains. Each day you will be supported with intentional yoga and meditation practices while being guided to connect deeper with yourself through the healing and magical powers of horses. Horses are natural truth tellers and energy workers and are incredibly supportive in helping us to recognize and remove the blocks within our life that maybe holding us back from finding the freedom in being true to who we are.

What’s Included:

  • 4 day 3 nights stay in a beautiful shared cabin in the rocky mountains

  • all meals - home cooked and delicious (yes we can accommodate for your food preferences and allergies)

  • daily guided yoga and meditation classes

  • guided support and healing sessions with the horses in a group setting

  • trail riding

  • optional helicopter tour (costs extra)

Early Bird Pricing Until March 8th 2019 : $ 1295 + gst

Regular Pricing Due June 10th: $ 1495 +gst

$295 non refundable deposit due upon registration

Freedom Gatherings

An intimate gathering exploring the various topics surrounding what freedom looks like to you in your life right now. Letting go of what we think we should be, or how we think we should be showing up and allowing ourselves to be, to be who we are in each moment. To let go of the expectations we place on ourselves, to let go of the comparison, and get comfortable in ourselves.

Every gathering will have elements of honest conversation, mediation, and journalling.  

Next dates:


All Freedom Gatherings located inSpruce Grove, exact location given upon registration. 


Free Girls

I vividly remember the struggles of what it felt like to navigate the world as a teen girl, unsure of myself, craving connection and a sense of belonging and not sure how to find it with in myself. This 6 week session is designed for the young woman in your life, giving them space to explore who they are, build courage, and support them with tools to navigate these challenging years. Each class will be a combination of honest conversation, meditation, and journalling.

Dates TBD