As I look back at the last year the word that comes to me is trust.

A year of deconstructing to reconstruct, a year of trying new things. Of learning how to listen to what I am needing in any given moment and trusting myself, trusting that I will figure it out, trusting my own guidance.

From reading social media and chatting with others in my life it feels like collectively 2018 was a big year, it wasn’t always easy and presented many challenges but was a year of significant growth. That's the thing about growth, it never feels comfortable, or easy, nor do we understand it all as we are moving through it. But we trust. We trust that we will make it through the other side, sometimes a little worse for wear, sometimes exhausted, sometimes we feel reborn, a sense of anew, an excitement for where we are, or a sense of confusion wondering how we got here and where to go now.

All of this, all of these feelings are normal, we all feel them, try to sort through them, numb them, try and run from them, and face them.

Can we begin to trust ourselves?

Trust our inner knowing that we will make the appropriate decision for ourselves, for what we are needing. No one else has the answers for us, maybe they help to guide us but no one has the answers we may be seeking.

When we begin to clear away the clutter, the noise, the chaos we distract ourselves with and get into the heart of it, we know what we need to support ourselves. We may not know it all right away and things may change, but we know where we may need to create shifts and what we need to pull in, or let go of to best support ourselves in each moment.

So as you move into 2019 and you are thinking about where you want to go or where you are, TRUST. Trust that where you are now is enough, where you are going is enough, trust yourself, trust what your body is telling you, trust where your heart your soul is guiding you.

Katie Jolicoeur