The Free Woman Movement

Freedom Founder – Katie Jolicoeur

I always felt like I was not enough. Not smart enough, qualified enough, strong enough, experienced enough, good enough. I thought that one day I would get to all these places and I would just feel enough of everything and all my doubts would go away and I would finally feel free, and whole, and worthy.

I realized I was not alone in this struggle of enoughness, that brilliant, talented, over qualified women were feeling the same way I was.

Through my yoga and meditation practice I slowly started to chip away at this belief that I was never enough of something. My greatest desire was to feel complete freedom, to not allow the voice inside my head to hold me back from being who I am here to be. Because when I am connected to my center I am my self, my truest, freest, self.

I've spent years and countless hours diving in, digging deep, and doing the work around connecting to my sense of freedom, to learn what that looks like for me. I tried doing it other people's way, or to make my life look like someone else's ideal and I still felt restrained, and disconnected from myself, and often in pain struggling to live up to some ridiculous standard.

Through trial and error, struggle, pain, a million and one reinventions and rebirths, fire ceremonies, burnouts, breakdowns (or breakthroughs),  sweaty yoga classes, and restless meditation practices I started to listen to myself. To trust my inner knowing about what I needed, how I needed to shape my life, spend my time, and create a life for myself. When I get questioned on why I do things the way I do I often answer with “because it feels good to me”. When I have tried to ignore my inner knowing or that gut feeling, to go around and try and show up in a way that is not authentic to me, or to make other people happy, or to impress other people, it has always come back to bite me.

The Free Woman Movement is a movement to inspire woman to own their freedom, to let go of others opinions on how we should be living our lives, to let go of our preconceived notions and opinions on what we should be doing and get in touch with what freedom actually feels like, looks like. We are all individual woman, who have different interests, hobbies, ideas, ways of being creative, and ways to sculpting our freedom.

The Free Woman Movement is a way for us as woman to come together, to say I see you, I feel you, I am enough, you are enough, we are worthy of our desires. It's a safe place to explore, to question yourself, to create awareness around how you are showing up in all aspects of life, and how you want to be showing up, how you are currently feeling, and how you want to be feeling.

The Free Woman Movement is giving you permission (not that anyone has to give you permission) to choose you. We get this one wild and precious life this time around, and we are in charge of what we do with it.

You are more than enough, you are worthy, you are a Free Woman.