Finding my Free Woman .... again


2017 has been a year of changes.

In December 2016 I taught my first official Free Woman Workshop. I have taught this material in some way shape or form multiple times over the last few years, but it was the first time I put a name to it. January I decided to go for it, to create the Free Woman Movement. It's been a slow process, but done with intention and so much love. 

One thing I didn’t expect through this process was how much it was going to create shift in my own life. 

The more I dug into the work of the Free Woman, I realized I was out of alignment with my own version of Freedom, I was feeling trapped in my own life.  I felt I was being untruthful spouting off about creating freedom when I wasn’t doing it for myself.

By putting this work out into the world it called me out in more ways then I care to admit, but integrity is such an important part of this movement.

That's the thing, even when we know what the work is, or the questions to ask, it can feel terrifying, and impossible to do on your own. I reached out for support, someone to hold space for me, to encourage me as I slowly peeled away what was no longer truthful, letting go of the stories that weren't serving me.    

Slowly over this year I have made huge changes. Changes that I was questioned for, judged for, and lost friendships over. It's been an incredibly challenging year, but I am making my way back to myself, I feel more free, more myself  then I have in a while.

 I notice the beauty in life. My relationship with myself, my  husband and my friends, my family are stronger, more intentional, raw, and real. I have learned how to ask for support, like really ask from the people around me and from myself. 

I have learned self care is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves, yes sometimes it's kicking back with coffee in the bathtub, and often it's booking a therapy session to do the work, its meditating when I feel like scrolling Instagram. And its taking time off, trying something new, spending time with loved ones and being fully present for each other. 

This is the journey of the Free Woman, sometimes we need to disassemble parts of our life and put it back together intentionally in a way that is more whole, more integral, more honest. This doesn’t mean that we do it once and it's done, we are allowed to change our mind, to shift, and that's a good thing. It shows we are growing, expanding becoming more in tune with ourselves, more connected to our Free Woman. 


Want to reconnect with your Free Woman? Join me for a 2 weekend intensive,  release what is standing in the way of your Free Woman.  

Katie Jolicoeur